José Cisneros

Treasurer of San Francisco City & County


Jose is an important LGBTQ voice in San Francisco local government


José Cisneros is the elected Treasurer for the City and County of San Francisco. As Treasurer, he serves as the City’s banker and Chief Investment Officer, managing all tax and revenue collection for San Francisco. Appointed in 2004, and first elected in 2005, Cisneros has used his experience in the tech and banking industry to enhance and modernize taxpayer systems and successfully manage the City’s portfolio through a major recession.

Treasurer Cisneros believes that his role of safeguarding the City’s money extends to all San Francisco residents, and continues to expand his role as a financial educator and advocate for low-income San Franciscans through award winning programs like Kindergarten to College, Bank on San Francisco and the San Francisco Financial Justice Project. Cisneros serves as Chair of the Cities for Financial Empowerment Coalition and in 2015 served as Vice Chair of the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability for Young Americans.

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