Julia Fahl

Mayor of Lambertville


Julia will be the first openly LGBTQ Mayor of Lambertville


Julia Fahl is currently running for the position of Mayor in her town of Lambertville, New Jersey. As a fundraising and political professional, Julia has worked on numerous congressional races for first-time progressive candidates across the country over the last decade. Her most recent campaign brought her back to New Jersey, electing Democrat Phil Murphy for New Jersey’s governor.

Between campaigns, Julia has worked for various progressive organizations, like CeaseFire, Planned Parenthood and also served in the role of the national LGBT fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee under President Obama’s second term.

Lambertville is a very special and unique town, home to the only dual-state pride parade with its sister town in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Julia is running to represent the river town of Lambertville as its first out Mayor. Recently married, Julia and her wife bought their first home and now look to give back to the community that has afforded them so much.

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