Justan Fields

Allentown City Council

Justan will be the first out Gay Black man to serve on the Allentown City Council!


Justan Parker Fields was born in Scranton, PA and relocated to Allentown with his mother, a postal worker, and two sisters, Charisse and Maria, at the age of 5. He is a product of the Allentown School District who decided to stay and raise his children here, hoping they would get a glimpse of the awesome childhood he had growing up here.

Now as an adult, He realizes that real leadership with real representation needs to happen to ensure that the next generation of kids and youth, many being kin to friends he grew up with, have a chance to flourish in this great city. We have never had a black mayor and one can count on their fingers how many black and brown city council members came before him. There has always been a struggle with bringing people that looked like him to the table (keeping them there), and not merely in the role of a token or placeholder minority.

He envisions real change right now in Allentown. He plans on being a progressive innovator, understanding the need to work with and through not only his future co-workers on City Council but his constituents as well.

He will be a champion for the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities that he identifies with. He will continue the fight for equality, equity, and proactive change to benefit us.

He will be a champion for the unsheltered population that exists in Allentown, many being displaced LGBTQ youth and adults.

He is a dad, partner, friend, and community leader who will fight for you and your family.

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