Justin Bramhall

Kentucky House of Representatives, District 79

Justin will be the only openly LGBTQ member of the Kentucky state legislature


Harvey Milk said, “Rights are won by those who make their voices heard.“ Never before has an openly gay person been elected to Kentucky’s House of Representatives – and Justin plans to change that! Justin believes everyone deserves representation in government, and he will be an outspoken advocate for those throughout Kentucky that are underrepresented or not represented at all.

Kentucky is in desperate need of new leadership, and Justin is the right guy for the job. Justin’s parents taught him that working hard and helping others are two of the most important values in life, and he is more determined now than ever to make a difference.

Since he was a high school student, Justin has been involved in politics, from Mayoral to Presidential campaigns and served as a staffer in the offices of elected officials. “I have worked to support people I believed in – people I thought could make a difference in the lives of everyday folks. As a State Representative I promise to always fight with an outspoken voice for the values that will make for a better tomorrow. History has proven that with strong leadership we can fix big problems. Our state doesn’t have to rank last in just about every category. We don’t have to accept the way that things are, and it’s within our power to change them! The time to be bold and make a difference is now!”

Justin is a lifelong resident of Lexington’s 79th Legislative District.

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