Kate Bishop

Chula Vista Elementary School Board

Kate will be the first openly bisexual member of the Chula Vista Elementary School Board!


Kate is an activist and parent advocate who will bring progressive values to the Chula Vista Elementary School Board.  
Kate has a Theatre degree from UC San Diego. She got started in her costume career as a dresser at the Old Globe Theatre. She worked her way up in theatre in San Diego before moving to LA. There she was resident costume designer for Invertigo Dance Theatre and Independent Shakespeare Company in Griffith Park. She also designed some movies nobody saw, TV shows on channels you didn’t know you had, and a terrible music video for a pop icon she wishes wasn’t still available on YouTube.  
In 2013, Kate returned to her family’s home in Chula Vista. While continuing her costume design career, she also got involved with the PTA at her children’s elementary school when her eldest was in kindergarten. She was subsequently voluntold to be the PTA President. She revolutionized her PTA by making it more accessible to non-English speakers and working parents. She moved up and is now in her fourth year serving on the Board for Chula Vista Elementary Council of PTAs, which oversees all of the PTAs in the school district. 
Over the past few years, Kate has become more politically engaged and has been advocating for protection of arts funding. She was recently appointed by Mayor Salas to Chula Vista’s Cultural Arts Commission. 
Kate fights for the implementation of HRC’s Welcoming Schools in her district, which works to protect LGBTQ kids from bullying.

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