Heather Keeler

Minnesota House of Representatives, District 4A

Heather was the first Indigenous LGBTQ person elected to the Minnesota legislature!


Heather Keeler has been a fierce advocate for standing up against systems that weren’t created for her, or people who look like her. As an Indigenous Queer woman, Heather has experienced the hate has in this world, from as early as 3rd grade. As mom of two boys, 16 and 6, she was done being a mom that was just upset, and became a mom that is able to look her kids in the eyes and tell them she is actively fighting to make this world a better place for them. She a firm believer that Representation Matters and we need a world were our next generations see leaders who look like them, reflect their values and share their vision of the world.

Heather has been a voice in the MN for LGBTQIA2+ rights and will continue to stand proud in her most authentic self and fight the rights and values we all deserve. Lead with Love is her campaign motto, as we can’t change the hate if don’t shift to love.

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