Kevin Beiser

San Diego Unified School Board


Kevin will maintain LGBTQ representation on the San Diego Unified School Board.


As a math teacher and President of the San Diego Unified School Board, Kevin knows the need to ensure there are quality schools in every neighborhood. We must continue to ensure all San Diego County schools offer a rigorous curriculum that includes music, the arts, and systemic support programs to help students succeed and achieve their full potential. As the only person in his family to graduate from high school and go on to college, Kevin knows firsthand that reducing the dropout rate is critical to San Diego children’s future. Kevin grew up in a large family and learned at an early age the value of education as the hammer to break the cycle of poverty. With many children in San Diego schools living in poverty, we must ensure they receive a quality education so that they too can succeed and become contributing members of the San Diego community. Kevin will work hard to keep class sizes low, protect art, music and career vocational education, and improve graduation rates. As a trustee on the school board, Kevin will continue to work with parents, teachers, principals and support staff to improve education for all of San Diego County’s children.

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