Marshall Kilgore

Kalamazoo Public Schools Board of Education

Marshall will be the only out member of the school board


I started my activism before I was old enough to vote. From protesting for more reading time during class or standing up to bullies I knew social justice was my calling.I believe our world needs more compassion, empathy and equity– That is exactly what I strive to bring to our world every single day!  
I am a student leader and activist who is passionate about education and equity. I was raised, along with my two older sisters in a little town on the outskirts of Grand Rapids called Comstock Park. Our parents both worked hard for their community. My mom has served as a Juvenile Probation Officer for over 20 years and my father has served as a Drug Rehabilitation Specialist. So, helping folks who are vulnerable within our community runs in our family culture. 
I am passionate about working on behalf of marginalized communities. As a black bi-sexual male I know how it is to be ostracized and mistreated. I use my knowledge of my personal experiences to provide a view of empathy in every project I take part in. I am always willing to lend my voice and energy towards causes that will provide for a better future for our world. 
I am running to be the next trustee for Kalamazoo Public Schools Board of Education to be a voice for our students, teachers and their families! 

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