Kristal Larson

Avon Township Clerk


Kristal will be the first out trangender elected leader in Lake County history!


Kristal Larson is a lifelong resident of Avon Township, currently residing in Hainesville with her spouse and two children for the past twelve years. She started her own technology and consulting business in 2003 as a small web development company. In 2008, she elected to make this a full-time effort and has since travelled the country working with local, national and international companies providing advice and implementing solutions to meet unique challenges of the business-to-business environment.

Throughout her life, Kristal has believed in serving her community. She is a former basketball coach, referee and leader for Upward basketball at Faith Church in Grayslake and later at Immanuel Church in Gurnee, serving for ten years. She has served as Treasurer for Union Square Homeowners Association for the past twelve years.

She is a former elected Avon Township Trustee who worked for financial accountability and transparency. While in office she led the development of updating a number of policies and procedures and attended numerous community meetings to understand and help address the needs of residents of Avon Township.

Kristal remains active in the community. She is a current board member of A Safe Place For Help supporting victims of domestic violence throughout Lake County, a member of PFlag of Grayslake/Round Lake advocating for the LGBTQ+ community, serves as Treasurer of Union Square Homeowners Association, and a member of the Grayslake Chamber of Commerce. 

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