Kristen Powers

Alamance County Board of Commissioner

Kristen will be the first openly bi elected official in Alamance County


Kristen is a candidate for Alamance County Board of Commissioners in North Carolina. As the interim Executive Director of Benevolence Farm, a non-profit that supports women transitioning from prison, Kristen knows first-hand the importance of serving others and the difference it can make in the lives of those in her community.

It was on her family’s farm that Kristen learned how a small group of dedicated people working together could accomplish the most difficult tasks. It was this work ethic that led her father to encourage her to stop complaining and do something about the problems in her community.

That’s why this campaign is different. It’s not about one person or set of ideas, but it is about all of us in Alamance County working together to find the solutions to problems that we face everyday.

Kristen has many achievements. She has won awards, made films, and fought through personal losses and tragedies. And even though these may seem like personal achievements, they were all made possible because of the community that surrounds her and the people in her life. The same is true with campaign. This campaign is about the people of Alamance County. It is about the prosperity and hardships of our loved ones that connect us together. This campaign is about finding ways to move forward together, building a stronger future for us all.

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