Ryan Lalonde

Alameda Unified School District Board Trustee


Ryan will be a critical voice for equality on the Alameda Unified School Board!


For more than 25 years, Ryan has worked to create better outcomes for organizations advocating for children’s mental health, women’s reproductive health, the environment, HIV/AIDS prevention, family farming, and tribal communities. Ryan has also worked tirelessly as an LGBTQ+ family and youth advocate for 30 years. For the last decade, Ryan has been an advocate for foster youth and adoption. More recently, he has been a vocal and active leader in education in the city of Alameda. He has held a PTA leadership positive for more than 5 years. When not working in education, Ryan uses his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Michigan to create art that engages the audience and portrays often untold stories. Since the first day Ryan’s son enrolled in the Alameda School District, he has been an active school leader, helping to shape equity policies and programming, transgender rights policies, and processes, LGBTQ+/Gender/Sexuality curriculum, and streamlining school communications. Ryan is currently the President of the Alameda PTA Council and Co-Chair of the school district’s LGBTQ+ Roundtable. As the parent of a Black student with an Individualized Education Plan, Ryan understands how the special education system work and hopes to bring his bold ideas to the table for better outcomes. There has been a great deal of positive change for vulnerable students and families in the district and Ryan is running for trustee to ensure that the forward momentum continues because there is more work that needs to be done. The historic moment this represents is not lost on Ryan. When elected, he would be the first openly LGBTQ+ person to run and win a seat in the City of Alameda’s history. Being an LGBTQ+ trailblazer is not new for Ryan. In 1995, while an elected member of the University of Michigan Student Assembly, he created an LGBTQ Commission in a University Student Assembly–the first ever in US history. As the son of a lesbian mother, Ryan also served on the National Board of COLAGE for 6 years, 2 years as Chair, and ran the COLAGE chapter in Washington, DC for 12 years. Ryan was also instrumental in creating the largest gathering of LGBTQ+ families at the 2000 March on Washington. Ryan and his husband of 27 years, Chris Moody call Alameda, CA home. Their son, Farber attended elementary,middle and now high school in the Alameda Unified School District. To learn more about Ryan and his race for school board visit: www.Ryan4AUSD.com

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