Laura Parmer-Lohan

San Carlos City Council, At-Large


Laura will be the first openly LGBTQ person elected to the San Carlos City Council


Laura Parmer-Lohan is a small business owner, homeowner and mother of two sons. She has coached youth sports teams, is a patron of the arts, participates in the uniquely-San Carlos Chickens Ball, and is an advocate of “Music in the Schools.”

Over the past 28 years, she and her wife have built a wonderful life together – begun careers, bought a home and started a family. Like her neighbors, she values a respectful community in which to raise kids, have access to excellent schools, enjoy cultural diversity and have a safe place to call home.

Laura respects the unique nature of San Carlos — a safe and secure community for new families, seniors, teachers, first-responders and civil servants. She will ensure that our parks and open spaces are protected to promote healthy lifestyles and community-building; that new development complements our civic “personality” and that all options for alleviating traffic and congestion are carefully considered.

Laura is running for office to address our shared challenges by engaging diverse stakeholders in open and respectful dialog.

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