Lyndsie Leech

Eugene City Council, Ward 7

Lyndsie will be an important voice for equality on the Eugene City Council!


Lyndsie Leech was appointed to the Eugene City Council in December 2022 after the recall of the former Councilor. Following the appointment, she ran in 2023 to keep the seat, and won in the November election. Lyndsie is now running again to continue to serve her Ward for the next 4 years. In addition to her role on the City Council, as the Executive Director of a local nonprofit, and mom of three, Lyndsie spends every day working to serve her community to improve the lives of all that live, work, and play there. Knowing first-hand the struggles many families currently face, she works tirelessly to build a community that better supports the mental health of families and individuals and truly believes that we can make the changes necessary to begin to address the root causes of our crisis in mental health & substance use, and how they intersect with other challenges. She has worked for her community’s nonprofits for the past 15 years, raising millions of dollars to improve the behavioral health care system. As Councilor, she serves on the Budget Committee, Revenue Advisors Committee, Lane Workforce Partnership, and Human Rights Commission and is passionate about equity and justice, working on solutions to our housing and homelessness crisis, and climate work.