Lizbeth Deselm

Melrose School Committee


Lizbeth is one of just two trans elected officials in Massachusetts


Elected to the Melrose School Committee in November of 2015, Lizbeth DeSelm has served as Chair of the Finance and Facilities Subcommittee from January 2016 to December 2018. As Chair, she managed the Melrose Public School budget cycle, working to make the budget document and process more open and accessible to all. She is currently the Chair of Educational Programs and Personnel.

Equity and Equality
Lizbeth DeSelm served as a Human Rights Commissioner for the City of Melrose from 2013 to 2015, where she works to ensure the City’s motto, “One City, For All” is well and truly applicable. She played a role on behalf of the Commission urging the Board of Alderman to revise and include gender identity and gender presentation language within the city’s Non-Discrimination Ordinances. She advocated for increased inclusivity within Melrose Public Schools, celebrating the Global Education in Melrose (GEM) track at Melrose High School and worked to extend the program to primary grades.Lizbeth DeSelm was also a champion for equal rights, as a vocal advocate for the 2018 “Yes on 3” campaign and as a Amici for numerous trans rights briefs to the United States Supreme Court.

Personal Life
Lizbeth resides in Melrose, MA with her wife and children.

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