Lorenzo Sanchez

Texas House of Representatives, District 67

Spotlight Candidate

Lorenzo will be the second-ever openly LGBTQ man elected to the Texas State Legislature


Lorenzo’s story is that of the “American Dream.” A story of hard work, family, community, a good education, and working his way up to be the owner of a flourishing small business. Lorenzo is a first-generation Mexican American and a proud Plano East Panther.

As a young teenager, Lorenzo worked hard to help his mother sort out his family’s financial difficulties. Even with two jobs, she was struggling to make ends meet, an issue that is all too common for many families across House District 67 and Texas. Despite the financial pressures always lingering in his mind, Lorenzo maintained an infectious positive energy, a willingness to learn, and an eagerness to help people.

After high school, Lorenzo attended Loyola University Chicago, a Jesuit Catholic University recognized worldwide for its mission to increase knowledge in the service of humanity through education. One of the most important lessons Loyola taught him is the responsibility to be an unyielding champion for the disadvantaged and voiceless. After graduating, Lorenzo returned home to Plano to be with his family.

One of the many reasons Lorenzo is running to be the Democratic Nominee, and the next representative for Texas House District 67, is because he recognizes that the same opportunities his mother sacrificed so much for him to have are becoming less accessible to the average Texan.

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