Lori Lightfoot

Mayor of Chicago

Spotlight Candidate Winner!

Lori will be the first openly LGBTQ mayor of one of America's three largest cities


Lori Lightfoot is running for Mayor of Chicago.

Lori is a dedicated manager, advocate and longtime fighter for reform. She has worked to invest in every Chicago neighborhood with equity and inclusion as her guiding principles. Lori will fight to guarantee investment in public school systems, increase public safety and decrease violence, expand affordable housing, and create job opportunities for every person. She has extensive experience as a former federal prosecutor and is a leader in investigating police misconduct including police-involved shootings and recently served as President of the Police Board and Chair of the Police Accountability Task Force. Lori’s work is the underpinning of the Obama-era Department of Justice report and the consent decree, which will be the basis for police reform and accountability.
Lori’s past has shaped her vision for the future: she grew up in a low-income family in a small town, where her mother worked low-wage jobs and and her father held multiple jobs at a time to make ends meet. She received a full scholarship to the University of Chicago Law School and moved to Hyde Park. Lori worked her way through school to become a police reform expert, Assistant United States Attorney, former leader of City departments that support small businesses and improve emergency response—and now, the independent progressive candidate for Mayor of Chicago. With the exception of a one-year clerkship on the Michigan Supreme Court in Detroit, Lori has lived in Chicago since 1986.
Lori’s experiences have prepared her to lead Chicago with a commitment to uplifting every neighborhood, a passion for quality education, and a dedication to making sure every person can thrive—regardless of who they are, who they know, or who they love. Lori and her spouse, Amy, live on the near northwest side with their 10-year-old daughter.

You can read Lori’s full bio here.

LGBTQ history in the making:

  • Lori will be the first African American woman and the first openly LGBTQ mayor of one of America’s three largest cities.

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