Lori Schreiber

Montgomery County Clerk of Courts


Lori will be the first LGBTQ person elected countywide in Pennsylvania


Voters first elected Lori to office as an Abington Township Commissioner in 2005, an election she won against a 24-year incumbent. In both her election campaign and her work as an elected official, Lori has emphasized the need for revitalization in the business communities throughout Abington. With that in mind, she has been an active member of several revitalization and economic development committees and has sponsored successful street fairs to increase foot traffic in the Roslyn business district. In addition, she is deeply concerned about transparency in our local government, and has been a major force in the push to televise Township Commissioners’ meetings.

Born in Philadelphia, Lori has lived in Montgomery County for almost 20 years. She and her partner, Linda, are proud to be homeowners in Roslyn Valley. Lori earned a bachelor’s degree from Kutztown University, followed by a master’s degree from Lehigh University in Social Relations. With a focus on giving a “hand up” to those most vulnerable in our community, Lori has dedicated herself to helping people in need.

Living this core value, Lori was part of a team that created the POWER Program at Montgomery County Community College, a career-counseling program for people with mental illness. With over 20 years of experience in social services, Lori is also now able to share her knowledge as a part-time faculty member at both Montgomery County Community College and Penn State Abington. Lori has an outstanding record as a community volunteer and activist, and she is now teaching tomorrow’s workforce about the impact and resolution of social problems in their own community.

Lori is energizing both her neighborhood and the township with her spirit, her dedication, and her ability to get things done. She will continue to fight for the rights and concerns of Abington’s citizens throughout her tenure as a Township Commissioner.

Importance of Candidacy: 

  • Lori will be the first LGBTQ person elected countywide in Pennsylvania and first clerk of courts.

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