Luke Peterson

Lower Platte South Natural Resources District Board, Subdistrict 7

Luke will continue to bring important LGBTQ representation to Lower Platte South!


Luke Peterson, 37, calls the capital city of Nebraska home and has for going on 16 years but was raised on a farm in rural central Nebraska. Since earning his bachelors degree in Political Science from Doane University in 2009, he has had an active presence in the fight for LGBTQ equality & disability rights in Nebraska. Luke was featured in the “Beyond I Do” campaign from the Ad Council in 2018 over his experience of workplace discrimination when he came out at age 20. In 2015 he was invited by the Human Rights Campaign to be a guest speaker of the introduction of the Equality Act. Currently Mr. Peterson serves as the local representative to the statewide association of Natural Resources Districts in Nebraska and is a board member of the Nebraska Red Ribbon Community.

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