Mac Sims

Georgia House of Representatives, District163

Mac will be a voice for equality in the Georgia House of Representatives


Mac Sims was born in North Georgia and raised by Michael and Deb Sims, who instilled values of service, hard work, and dedication. His father grew up tending his parents’ farm and was the first of his family to graduate from college, diligently working his way through Georgia State University. Mac’s mother was the daughter of a veteran, educated after the Korean War on the GI Bill. They persevered to enter the middle class and provide a stable, nurturing environment, despite their humble beginnings. With their support and guidance, Mac was inspired to excel in my studies and also become one of youngest Eagle Scouts in the history of our state. His dad taught and manifested the motto, “A leader leads by example,” which he considers the guiding principle of his life.

Their experience signifies hope in the traditional “American Dream.” We believe anyone who develops their potential deserves to achieve upward mobility and financial security. The promise of this nation built our futures, but Mac realizes the ladder to success isn’t accessible for everyone. As someone who benefits from structural and systemic advantages, Mac works empowered to help those left behind by our politics and economy.

After high school, Mac answered the call to service and was appointed to the United States Military Academy at West Point. There, he solidified his commitment to the virtues which should always govern our actions: integrity, equality, and progress.

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