Will Mackintosh

Fredericksburg City Council

Will will be an important voice for equality on the Fredericksburg City Council!


My name is Will Mackintosh and I’m running for an at large seat on Fredericksburg City Council. My family and I moved to Fredericksburg a dozen years ago, and this town has embraced us with open arms and provided us with opportunities we could never have imagined. I’ve had the opportunity to build a career as an American historian at Mary Washington, in a place where the walls breathe history. My husband has had the opportunity to build a successful small business thanks to Fredericksburg’s dynamic downtown. I’ve already had the opportunity to give back by serving as a member of the City’s Economic Development Authority. Most importantly, we have had the opportunity to build our family as a mixed-race same-sex couple; we’ve had two children here, and no one has ever blinked an eye. This kind of community embrace was beyond our wildest imagination when we moved here. And that’s why I’m running: I love this town, and I want to help it continue to offer that welcome and those opportunities to everyone who makes their home here.