Malia Lewis

Cleveland Heights-University Heights Board of Education

Malia will continue to advance educational opportunities for the students of her community!


Malia Lewis is running for re-election to the Cleveland Heights-University Heights Board of Education on a strong record of accomplishments, including:

• successfully completed Superintendent search guided by public input 
• implemented budget reductions three years in a row, for a cumulative savings of $5.2 Million 
• improved inter-governmental relations through regular joint meetings with city councils & library board 
• leveraged development opportunities to gain maximum benefit for our tax payers 
• elevated equity to the forefront of all decision making 
• expanded community partnerships to meet student needs of health, food stability, technology, mental health 
• recognised for excellence in preschool, AP participation, graduation rate, and college scholarship offers 
• spearheaded state-wide advocacy for school funding which addresses our students’ needs and recognises our tax payers’ sacrifices 

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