Darin Mano

Salt Lake City Council, District 5


Darin Mano will be the first Asian American out LGBTQ person elected to the council!


Darin was appointed to the Salt Lake City Council in January of 2020 to fill the vacancy left by Mayor Mendenhall in District 5. Darin could not have predicted the tumultuous year that was ahead of him. Though 2020 was full of surprises including the pandemic, an earthquake, and a nationwide call for racial equity in policing, Darin was honored to serve aside Mayor Mendenhall and his fellow Salt Lake City Councilmembers. 
As an architect, an educator, a small business owner, and a minority, Darin has a diverse set of skills and perspectives that help him serve his community. He understands the importance of urban planning, economic development, developing relationships, and meaningful engagement with his community. As a City Councilmember, it is Darin’s job to be a representative for his district and the people he serves. Darin’s goal is to be connected to his community, push for important positive changes, and make decisions that will benefit the district and the city as a whole.  

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