Mark Leno

Mayor of San Francisco

Mark will be the first openly LGBTQ Mayor of San Francisco.

Mark Leno has a long track record of putting real people before special interests to improve lives in the communities he serves. Time and time again, he’s taken on the powerful and won – fighting for better schools and access to higher education, foster youth, a cleaner and sustainable environment, affordable housing, universal single – payer healthcare, improved transportation and renewable energy, safer streets, and equal rights for all Californians.
A longtime civil rights champion, Leno has spent decades authoring historic legislation to protect and fight for equality. His landmark FAIR Education Act ensured that the contributions of LGBTQ Americans and those with disabilities are included in public school curricula. In 2003, Governor Davis signed into law Leno’s historic legislation to protect transgender Californians from discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodations.
In 2016, Leno made history when Governor Brown signed his $15 minimum wage bill into law, raising California’s nation – leading minimum wage and giving an estimated 5.6 million workers a raise.
Leno also authored groundbreaking legislation that prohibits state agencies from partnering with businesses that discriminate against transgender employees in their benefit plans.

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