Marque Snow

Nebraska Legislature, District 9

Spotlight Candidate

Marque will be the first LGBTQ person of color elected to the Nebraska Legislature


Marque was born in Marion, Ohio, and raised across the United States, and South Korea due to his parents being dual military in the US Army. After attending the University of South Dakota, Marque and his now-husband moved to Omaha in 2011 where he began his career working with disadvantaged youth in South Omaha. In 2013, Marque was elected to the Omaha Public Schools Board of Education. Since joining the school board, he has championed equity, rigor, and accountability not only for teachers and students but also for the families and community of Omaha. Since 2017, Marque has served in board leadership on the Omaha Public Schools Board and is currently serving his second year as board president. Marque is dedicated to serving his community in the Nebraska Legislature to make the state become a national beacon in economic security and opportunity for all.

Marque is also Senior Advisor to the Holland Children’s Movement and works to ensure Nebraska children and families are prioritized in state budget and policy decisions through strategic advocacy, public engagement, and effective collaboration. During his free time outside of the School Board and work, Marque mentors with the 100 Black Men of Omaha and also serves on the African Culture Connection Board.

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