Mary Catherine Marubio

Circuit Court of Cook County, 10th Judicial Subcircuit

Mary Cay will be a critical LGBTQ presence on the Cook County judiciary


Judge Mary Catherine “Mary Cay” Marubio has spent her career working towards justice and a better court system.

She is an Associate Judge in Cook County, Illinois. Appointed by her peers she now seeks a Circuit Court Judgeship to have a louder voice for the LGBTQ community and greater participation in the administration of the court system.

Judge Marubio was initially assigned to the Domestic Relations Division hearing parentage, child support, parenting time, and divorce matters. Because of her commitment to social justice, in September 2017, she left the Domestic Relations Division to volunteer to serve in the new Pretrial Division.

The Pretrial division implemented a nationally groundbreaking bond reform program seeking to change the culture of bond court and limit the use of monetary bail. Bond reform seeks to replace the use of monetary bail with a system that releases those who do not pose a threat and detains those who do. The use of monetary bail only results in incarcerating the poor and the powerless.

Judge Marubio is committed to providing an alternative to a monetary-based bail system so that defendants and their families do not suffer due only to their inability to pay. Bond reform in Cook County has resulted in a significant decrease in the jail population and a decrease in failure to appear and new arrest rates.

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