Maura Healey

Massachusetts Attorney General

Winner! Game Changer

Maura is the first openly LGBTQ attorney general in the United States


Since January 2015, Maura Healey has served as the Attorney General of Massachusetts, leading the People’s Law Firm in the fight for fairness and equality. Since assuming office, Healey has focused on expanding economic opportunity by addressing rising energy and health care costs, tackling student loan debt, and ensuring fair treatment for workers and a level playing field for businesses. Healey has also gained national prominence for her leadership in combatting the state’s opioid epidemic, including expanding addiction prevention training for young people. Healey is a graduate of Harvard College and Northeastern University School of Law.

Importance of Candidacy:

  • Maura is the first and only openly LGBTQ attorney general in the United States.
  • Maura is the only openly LGBTQ statewide official in Massachusetts.

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