Mauree Turner

Oklahoma House of Representatives, District 88

Mauree was the first nonbinary person elected to any state legislature!


Mauree Turner is the current State Representative for Oklahoma’s 88th House District, in the heart of Oklahoma City. Mauree was formerly the Regional Field Director for the Campaign for Smart Justice, an ACLU campaign focusing on criminal legal reimagining and rebuilding, and its many intersections. They have also worked with NAACP-OK, CAIR-OK, Freedom OK, Dream Action-OK, and a number of grassroots organizations. Their life’s work is centered in deep community care and policy is one of the many avenues for this. Mauree is a community organizer and a proud Okie-Muslim, living at the intersections of being Black, Queer, Nonbinary, Muslim, and so much more – in the buckle of the US bible belt. Since being elected Rep. Turner has continuously fought on behalf of our 2SLGBTQ+ communities when the Oklahoma Legislature wrote policies to push our communities back in the closet. They fight for religious freedom when the state tries to rip away Oklahoma’s rich cultural and religious differences with policy. Understanding policy is one of the biggest hurdles to breaking down political barriers. Mauree continues to make policy and the state capitol, more accessible and understandable to the everyday folks. They know what it is like to be continuously, and historically, left out of the decisions that affect our everyday lives. This is why they are committed to ensuring we have that shared lived experience in our representation.

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