Melody N. Mayle

Golf Manor Village Council


Melody will be an important voice for equality on the Golf Manor Village Council!


Melody N. Mayle (she/her) moved to Golf Manor in 1988. She attended Losantiville Elementary School, graduated from Walnut Hills High School, and earned her BS in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from The Ohio State University. Immediately after earning her degree, she moved to Huntsville, AL, and worked at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center for ten years as an experiment aerodynamicist. Mel returned back to Golf Manor in 2018. She recently earned an MS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Cincinnati and is currently earning her PhD. After earning her Ph.D., Mel intends to start a nonprofit organization helping students from under-resourced communities strengthen their mathematical foundations by introducing them to scientific computing and applying programming techniques. Since returning home, Mel has connected with members of the Village Council and community organizers. She helped plan the Food Truck Friday events in 2020, a small Pride picnic in 2021, and Juneteenth celebrations in 2022 & 2023. Mel occasionally attends Council meetings, serves on the Parks subcommittee, and supports WeThrive efforts. “After watching the Council argue over spending $1000 for a Juneteenth celebration in a predominantly Black neighborhood, I realized it was time we have a local government that better represents our community. Given the connections I’ve developed with the Council and neighbors after planning several events, I think serving my community in an official capacity is the next logical step. Over the years, several people have encouraged me to be on the Council, and more recently, other people have demanded it. Jokingly, I wasn’t given much choice in this decision.” If elected, Melody will use the problem-solving skills that she acquired as an engineer. She will be mindful of the needs of everyone in Golf Manor. She intends to ask questions and propose solutions that hopefully benefit most of us.