Jake Mead

Hillsboro City Council, Ward 2

Jacob will be an important voice for equality on the Hillsboro City Council!


Jacob Marshall Mead, a fourth-generation Hillsboro native, epitomizes the spirit of commitment and progress. Professionally, Jacob’s resilience and entrepreneurial spirit shone through his early days at Zoom+Care (a healthcare startup) to embracing his entrepreneurial drive, he founded Mead Agency and Associates, Inc., in South Hillsboro. Beyond business, Jacob’s heart beats for Hillsboro, evident in his active support for organizations like the Hillsboro Schools Foundation and the Washington County Chamber of Commerce. His decision to run for city council springs from a profound belief in the symbiotic relationship between a thriving community and successful businesses. Jacob’s campaign for city council is driven by a vision to foster a Hillsboro that is a beacon of growth, vibrancy, and prosperity, deeply rooted in the community values he embodies.