Michael Campbell

Fox River Grove Memorial Library Board Trustee


Michael will continue to lead as a strong local voice for equality in Fox River Grove!


Michael Campbell is an educational consultant and entrepreneur.  Michael has been a fan of libraries since he was a kid in Louisiana, riding his bike to check out his favorite titles.  Since he and his husband and daughter moved to Fox River Grove over ten years ago the Memorial Library has played an important part in their family from kids books, video games, movies, family programs, and much more.  Even throughout the pandemic, his family continued to use the library with the many digital resources.

Michael grew up in Louisiana and after graduating from Southern Arkansas University, spent over 20 years in educational publishing, before moving to educational technology and consulting in K-12 and higher education. 

In 2014, Michael was appointed to the Fox River Grove Memorial Library Board and was elected to the board in 2015.  Since that time he was elected to the RAILS board of directors, where he is currently serving as the Board President.  Michael has also served as the committee chair of the Advocacy Committee for RAILS during his tenure on the board. 

With his unique experiences in education, publishing, and regional, and state library, strategic management, plus LGBTI issues. Michael brings a unique perspective to the board. 

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