Michael Góngora

Miami Beach Commissioner, Group 3

Michael Góngora is the first openly gay Latinx elected official in the state of Florida


Michael Góngora is a three-term Miami Beach commissioner who has also served as vice-mayor. He is known for enacting Miami Beach’s first citywide recycling program, implementing plans to protect against flooding and incentivizing developers to erect greener buildings. Michael has also taken a leadership role on educational issues in his city. 
Góngora broke barriers by serving as Miami Beach’s first openly gay elected commissioner and vice mayor. He was also the first openly gay Hispanic to win elected office in the State of Florida. In addition to his work in government, Michael has served three terms as President of the Miami Beach Latin Chamber of Commerce and as President of the Environmental Coalition of Miami and the Beaches (ECOMB). A practicing community association attorney, he served two non-consecutive terms as President of the Miami Beach Bar Association. 

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