Michelle Palmer

Texas State Board of Education, District 6

Michelle will be the first openly LGBTQ member to the Texas State Board of Education


Michelle Palmer is a bisexual high school social studies teacher who is tired of her curriculum including untrue “facts.” She has spent years volunteering as a precinct chair, in community organizations, and on local political campaigns often those in educational governance. Therefore she is running for the Texas State Board of Education District 6 in Harris County (Houston.)

Michelle’s priorities include:

  • bringing #FidelityToTheFacts back to the Texas curriculum in all areas. Moses was NOT a founding father of the United States.
  • advocating for removal of a law in Texas that disallows teaching of LGBT issues in classrooms without discussing the “risks of the lifestyle” and then adding LGBTQIA history to both US and World History curricula.
  • adding Climate Change science to our science curriculum.
  • adding the teaching of consent to Pk-12 Health curriculum. Rape should not be taught in a way that blames the victim.
  • getting rid of abstinence only sex education because it is a failure.
  • putting a moratorium on approval of new charter schools and auditing all existing charter schools and systems for both financial irregularity and education of special education students

She would be a board members who understands curriculum and wants ALL students represented in the curriculum. She also wants our students to learn factual information instead of politicized information so that they can compete for the jobs of the future and keep the Texas economy strong.

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