Minita Sanghvi

Commissioner of Finance (City Council) in Saratoga Springs

Minita will be the first opnely gay person to serve on the Saratoga Springs City Council!


Minita Sanghvi is running for Commissioner of Finance for Saratoga Springs City Council. She brings her deep academic background and many years of industry experience to the job. 
Minita Sanghvi was born in a business family in Bombay, India. Her grandfather was the pioneer of the pen industry in India. She moved to the US in 2001 to live her truth and come out as a gay woman. 
Minita has an undergrad degree in Accounting, an MBA from India, an MS from Univ of Arizona, a PhD from Bryan School of Business at UNC Greensboro with a minor in Feminist Studies from Duke. Apart from her time in academia, Minita has worked in the industry with companies such as Leo Burnett, CARQUEST and Wal-Mart. 
She moved to Saratoga Springs, NY in 2014 to teach at Skidmore College. In 2015 she served on the Charter Review Commission for the city. She was a founding member of the Human Rights Task Force in Saratoga Springs. Minita was appointed to serve a vacancy on the Saratoga Springs Public Library Board and then was elected in 2019 for a 5 year term. 
Minita lives in Saratoga Springs with her wife Megan & son Jamie 

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