Connor Moreton

Saint Bernard City Council

Connor will be the first out LGBTQ+ councilmember in St. Bernard!


Connor Moreton brings compassion, purpose, and a growth mindset to everything he does, including his current run for St. Bernard Council in Ohio. St. Bernardians deserve to feel seen and heard, and Connor plans to adopt a system to overcome the lack of consistent and structured constituent outreach. Connor’s experience with community research and analytics enables him to create data-driven, community-centered insights which then fuel his initiatives. Before moving to St. Bernard to become a strategy analyst for a tea company, Connor grew up in a similar, small town just a few hours north. St. Bernard is not Connor’s home by birth, but by choice. Connor was welcomed with kindness, support, and a few mowed lawns when his lawnmower decided to take a break; it grew his love and appreciation for his community. He now believes in his opportunity to return the favor through more committee reporting to establish a precedent of constant improvement; more collaborative legislation to ensure our laws and ordinances leverage expert insight; and of course, more community feedback opportunities to enable our neighbors to share their perspectives and voice.