Mary Moriarty

Hennepin County Attorney

Spotlight Candidate

Mary will be the first out LGBTQ woman to serve as Hennepin County Attorney!


Mary Moriarty believes that no matter where a person lives — whether it’s in Bloomington, North Minneapolis, or Maple Grove — they deserve to feel safe. That’s why she is running for Hennepin County Attorney.

Hennepin County will be voting for a new county attorney this year. Through this one election, voters have the power to change the direction of our justice system. The next Hennepin County Attorney must answer urgent calls for reform, rebuild trust between law enforcement and the community, and respond to the nationwide increase in violent crime. Mary’s experience, knowledge of her communities and the people who live in them, and understanding of the complex underlying causes of crime make her well-prepared to tackle these challenges. She is not a politician. She is not running to advance my political career. She’s running to continue her life’s work in public service, dedicated to improving lives, and seeking justice for the people of Hennepin County.

She began her career as a public defender in Hennepin County in 1990 and worked her way up to serve as the county’s Chief Public Defender for six years. During her time leading the second largest public law office in the state, an independent evaluation found that they were one of the most effective and highly regarded public law offices in the entire country. Under her leadership, her office successfully fought to reduce racial biases in low-level marijuana stings and traffic stops.

This is her county’s opportunity to define their values around criminal issues, to answer the urgent call for change highlighted by the murder of George Floyd, and to address the increase in violent crimes that have spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic. As County Attorney, Mary will implement a proactive, data-driven approach to these issues. She believes this is our time to forge a new path forward; one that keeps her community safe while also ending the cycles of mass incarceration that have decimated communities of color and broken up too many families. Together Mary and her community can and will build a justice system that works for everyone.

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