Alicia Mousseau

Vice-President, Ogala Sioux Tribe

Alicia will be the first openly LGBTQ Oglala Sioux Tribe elected executive official.


Dr. Alicia Mousseau is the daughter of the late John and Vera Mousseau and the granddaughter of the late James and Lena Mousseau from Porcupine, South Dakota. Her hunka (Lakota traditional “adoption”) parents are Howard Brown and Karen Spoonhunter-Brown of Arapahoe, Wyoming. Her hunka children are Marcella and Alexander Brave Heart and Sarayah, Gia, and Jo Weston.  

Dr. Mousseau received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Wyoming in 2012. Her career has focused on bringing health equity research, programming, and awareness to the Pine Ridge Reservation and other tribal communities. As a part of this work, Dr. Mousseau has culturally adapted evidence-based programs for American Indian youth including a group-based cognitive behavioral intervention for trauma in schools and a family-based substance use prevention program with Lakota families. Other work of hers includes implementing and evaluating the influence of mindfulness techniques among reservation dwelling youth. Overall, Dr. Mousseau is dedicated to the health and well-being of tribal communities, promoting culturally and contextually relevant ways of knowing, and building local capacity for sustainability. 

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