William Muetzenberg

Tracy City Council

William will be the first LGBTQ person of Asian descent elected to office in Tracy and San Joaquin County


William Muetzenberg is proud to be running for a seat on the City Council in his hometown of Tracy, California.  
In 2016, while attending UCLA, he joined Equality California as a social media and policy intern. In 2017, he was accepted as an EQCAI-Comcast Fellow and staffed Assemblymember Susan Talamantes Eggman. After graduating with a B.A. in Political Science, he was hired as the Legislative Assistant at EQCA. There, he negotiated with high-ranking legislators, grassroots activists, and everyday citizens to pass two important bills: SB 918, which helps homeless youths move off the streets and into shelters; and AB 2504, which raised LGBTQ cultural competency standards for peace officers. 
After working with EQCA, he was hired as a Legislative Assistant for Lighthouse Public Affairs, working with NARAL to advance the reproductive health of women across California, especially women living in rural and racially diverse communities. his proudest achievement was partnering with lawmakers and activists to pass over a dozen key housing bills to boost tenant protections and increase California’s housing affordability.  
He is ready to use his experience and passion to uplift his entire community and bring long-ignored LGBTQ voices into the conversation. 

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