Nate Wolff

Appleton Common Council


Nate will continue to bring important representation to Appleton!


Nate has created an environment for change in the city of Appleton, with his work as part of team hellwolf for national coming out day Appleton fundraising and convincing hundreds of businesses to fly rainbow flags. The event saved people’s lives and inspired people to live their truth.

Nate also pushed the city to get HRC score card from a 70 to a 90 in less than two years. Before being elected he worked recruited and lobbied elected officials to ban conversion therapy in the city. Nate is dedicated to creating change in Wisconsin. As well as getting the city to become better on environmental issues.

In the future Nate wants to continue to push for change and making the city more inclusive and a better more accepting city, as well as encouraging other cities in the area to do the same.

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