Nathan Ivie

Utah County Commission

Nathan is one of seven LGBTQ leaders in Utah


Authentic Leadership. Principled Solutions

Don’t let the hat fool you, Nathan is only half, well maybe 3/4, cowboy. Part of him likes wearing ball caps and Eddie Bauer shirts with his Wrangler cowboy cut jeans. He enjoys hanging out at art museums, skiing, the ballet, a little rock and roll, and listening to small amounts of classical music to go along with every George Strait album ever made. He can ride and rope with the best of them. Has been known to quote Shakespeare, Thomas Jefferson, C.S. Lewis, and, on occasion, words only spoken to ignorant cattle. He loves old family traditions and lives the dream that is the embodiment of the American West.

His partner Ric is not just the love of his life, he is his companion in the great journey of self discovery in the adventure of life. They own and operate a working horse ranch and are the fathers to 8 amazing children.

As the first openly gay Republican to hold office in Utah, Nathan is committed to the ideals of America. He supports individual rights and legislation that upholds the aim of the founders and constitution to secure the equal treatment of all.

With a proven track record of supporting minority groups and the LGBTQ+ community, Nathan looks forward to the day when all American children can love who they love without fear.

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