Nathan Jeffries

Spokane County Water District #3, Position 2

Nathan will continue to serve as a strong champion for equality in eastern Washington!


Nathan was elected in 2017 to Spokane County Water District #3, Position #2 and will be running for reelection in the fall of 2021. 
He served as an
EMT for 20 years with a local fire department, promoted to the rank of Division Chief. Started working at the age of 14 for his family’s underground irrigation and landscape business; B&B Sprinklers. The small business allowed Nathan to experience all aspects of running a business including design, sales, service, accounting and finance. 
Nathan g
raduated from Mead Senior High School, Spokane, Washington, 1996, followed by Eastern Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, 2001. 
Nathan has demonstrated a passion for public service to the Spokane Region. Born and raised in the area he would continue to bring passion to the position of Water Commissioner. Affordable, clean water is critically important to the economic development and continued growth of the area. Water rates must be kept low to keep it affordable for homeowners, farmers, small business and industry/manufacturing. Nathan understands the critical importance of the region’s aquifer and would work collaboratively with the water utilities of the region to protect it from contamination.  

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