Danielle Newbury

Rahway City Council, Ward 5

Danielle will continue to be an important voice for equality on the Rahway City Council!


Danni Newbury is a dedicated advocate for the Rahway community, known for her commitment to legislative change and her tireless support for vulnerable populations. With a background in nonprofit management and government relations, Danni brings a wealth of experience to her role as city councilmember, employing diverse strategies to foster economic development, enact social change, and promote community engagement.

For over two decades, Danni has been an active civic leader, serving in various capacities to advance the interests of Rahway residents. From her involvement in local partnerships to her contributions to county- level initiatives, she has consistently demonstrated her passion for improving the lives of others.

Danni’s impact extends beyond local boundaries, as evidenced by her policy work at the state level. Her efforts to collaborate with state representatives and her leadership in LGBTQ+ rights have garnered recognition both regionally and nationally.

Recognized nationally for her leadership in LGBTQ+ rights, Danni led the establishment of the first county government LGBTQ+ office in New Jersey, earning accolades from esteemed publications like USA Today and The Advocate magazine.

In addition to her extensive background in nonprofit management and government relations, Danni’s personal journey is intertwined with her activism, notably reflected in her enduring bond with her wife of over two decades. They officially formalized their union first with Civil Unions legalization 14 years ago, and later with marriage equality in New Jersey a decade ago.

Now parents of two daughters, aged 10 and 7, choosing Rahway as their home was a deliberate decision driven by the community’s culture of inclusion and acceptance, as well as the opportunities it provides for representation and making a meaningful impact.

With a Bachelor’s Degree from DeSales University and a Master’s Degree from Drexel University, Danni remains committed to forging partnerships across sectors to address the needs of Rahway residents and to support the growth of our inclusive and vibrant community for all.