Nicole Bolden

Bloomington City Clerk


Nicole is the first (and only) Black LGBTQ+ woman to hold elected office in Indiana!


Bloomington City Clerk Nicole Bolden has been actively involved in public and political service for over 30 years. Bolden received both her undergraduate and law degrees at Indiana University in Bloomington. She currently serves the Indiana Democratic Party as a Deputy Chair, is the President of the Monroe County Black Democratic Caucus, is the Co-Chair of the national organization, the Good Trouble Network, and regularly volunteers with several state and local organizations. Bolden comes from a lineage of women with a legacy of firsts. Her grandmother was the first Black registered nurse to work in the University of Iowa Hospitals and her mother was the first Black woman to be directly elected to the Monroe County judiciary. In 2015, Bolden became the first Black woman elected to city-wide office, and is the first and only Black LGBTQ+/SGL woman to hold elected office in Indiana. Born and raised in Iowa City, Bolden moved to Bloomington after graduating from high school. Here, she attended Indiana University, where she eventually had two daughters. After law school, Bolden worked as a deputy city clerk for five years before running for clerk herself. In her role as Clerk, Bolden has continued to work for the betterment of her town, and as a fierce advocate for Black and Brown women in her community.