Tina Nieto

Monterey County Sheriff

Tina will be the first out LGBTQ Latina Sheriff in California!


Tina Nieto is a trusted police chief with 33 years of experience protecting people, improving public safety organizations, and ensuring justice. She has been called on time and again to take over struggling law enforcement organizations and lead them to success. With the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office suffering from mismanagement, our community is rallying for Tina to do for the Sheriff’s Office what she’s done throughout her career— restore leadership, trust, accountability, and bring diverse people together to make our communities safer.

Tina is a history-making public safety leader who reduced crime and homelessness through community policing. Tina began her career in Los Angeles, to become the first Latina Command Officer in LAPD history. She has put community policing at the heart of everything she does. That’s how she was able to come in and reduce crime to record levels in all four areas of LA under her leadership. As our sheriff, Tina would make history again, as the first woman, first Latina, and first openly LGBTQ+ sheriff in Monterey County history. She would also become the first Latina sheriff in the State’s 172-year history.

Tina has served as a police auditor and Certified Fraud Examiner, where she led her team to prevent fraud and abuse. She has more than 20 years of teaching experience, training enforcement officials on ethical decision making and leadership skills. She’s the leader we need to restore faith in the Monterey County Sheriff’s office.

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