Jorge Pacheco Jr

Oak Grove Board of Trustees


Jorge will continue to make LGBTQ history on the Oak Grove Board of Trustees!


Jorge Pacheco, Jr., along with his four sisters, was born and raised in San Jose to two amazing parents: his Maya-Korean father who came from a small Maya village in the Yucatan Peninsula and his Salvadoran mother who immigrated to the United States to escape the Salvadoran Civil War. He has served as a Native Studies/Spanish teacher in the Bay Area since graduating from UC Berkeley in 2013, worked to close the digital divide for Santa Clara County as the Digital Equity Specialist, and is proud to be back in the classroom as a teacher and union member. As a Native Studies teacher and Indigenous activist, he is passionate about decolonizing schooling and bringing indigenous values into education. Jorge currently serves as Trustee for the Oak Grove School District (OGSD) Board of Education and President of the California Latino School Boards Association, where he leads an organization that represents and fights for Latino students and school board members across the state. Jorge is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and has authored/passed policies that have led OGSD (where he himself was once a student) to support LGBTQ+ rights. Thanks to these policies, OGSD will become a more inclusive place for all: from implementing LGBTQ+ sensitivity training for all staff to revamping anti-bullying policies to be more LGBTQ+ inclusive, OGSD will also create a district-wide committee to conduct a needs assessment on what more OGSD can do to set up their LGBTQ+ students for success.

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