Eric Patton

Nashville Metro Council, District 11

Eric will be the first person who identifies as queer and gender non-conforming to be elected in the state of Tennessee!


Eric A. Patton grew up on the Cumberland Plateau in Pall Mall, Tennessee. His father owned a small general store. He started helping the family business at age 7 by working behind the counter with his dad, running the cash register, and stacking boxes after school. His mother was an English teacher at Alvin C. York Agricultural Institute where Eric attended high school.

Eric moved to Nashville in June of 2010 after attending Austin Peay State University in Clarksville. His first job was on Broadway selling boots for Ed Smith. He left that job and worked in hospitality from 2011-2015 when he was hired to work at TennCare serving those applying for Medicare Supplement Coverage. His passion for serving others was honed during that time. Like most in Nashville, he worked multiple jobs to make ends meet, driving for rideshare and other side gigs throughout the years.

In 2019, protesting a law to end the online ordination of ministers, he got ordained in person to meet the requirement of the law. Since then he started his own small business and has officiated over 300 weddings for couples all across Middle Tennessee. He also serves as Director of Customer Relations at a small CPA firm based in Celina, Tennessee with clients statewide.

He has volunteered since 2015 with the Human Rights Campaign, serving on the Nashville Steering Committee. He’s worked in conjunction with advocacy campaigns around LGBTQ rights, homelessness, voting rights, health access, and support for working people. Most recently, politically, he served as the Deputy Campaign Director of Yes on 3, a bipartisan ballot initiative to remove slavery from the state constitution.

He owns a home in Old Hickory Village and lives with his beagle, Maybelle. He serves on the Old Hickory Neighborhood Association Board and led the group working to stop the asphalt plant from returning to Rayon City. He attends Belmont United Methodist Church and serves as head of the welcoming committee