Pete Fosselman

Montgomery County Council, District 1

Pete will be a voice for the LGBTQ community in Montgomery County, MD


Pete Fosselman is an innovative, committed public servant who has fought tirelessly both in and out of government for equal rights, social justice, job creation, and a healthier environment. The citizens of Kensington Maryland elected him to five terms as Mayor, a position he held for a decade. In addition to serving as Mayor, Pete has started businesses, headed the Maryland Mayors’ Association, and held the position of Deputy Secretary of State of Maryland. During this time, he earned a
reputation of consensus building, fostering economic growth and finding the common sense solutions to challenges that impact all our families. As Mayor, he helped author and usher Kensington’s well thought out Master Plan through the Montgomery County approval process, with a tempered approach to density and school capacity. He worked closely with the General Assembly to amend the local liquor and zoning laws to be better tools for attracting new businesses. Because of Pete’s leadership, today Kensington has dozens of new business establishments, including five new restaurants. As Deputy Secretary of State, he formed teams and cross trained employees, creating more efficient divisions to better serve the people of Maryland. He advocated for victims of domestic violence and human trafficking by expanding support programs such as Safe at Home and the Maryland Charity Campaign, which assists some of our most vulnerable residents.

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