Jill Rose Quinn

Circuit Court of Cook County

Jill will be the first openly trans elected official in Illinois history!


Jill Rose Quinn has an extensive legal background, in the private sector. She has a lifelong dedication to community service. After graduating from The John Marshall Law School, she worked for small law firms including one which represented local government units. Throughout her career, she handled over 4,000 cases and performed appellate work. Jill started her own practice in 1997 and focused on helping neighborhood residents with financial challenges, family law matters, small business operations, probate and criminal law. Throughout her life Jill has believed in giving back to others. Before moving to Chicago, she was a community organizer in economically disadvantaged areas in Houston and Des Moines, and helped form neighborhood action groups dedicated solving problems such as lack of zoning and dangerous traffic as well as addressing utility and taxation issues. Her compassion for others and sense of fairness is what helped inspire Jill to practice law. As a child, she realized that many people were not treated equally under the law because of their race, religion or nationality. Jill decided then that she wanted to be a lawyer to fight for all people’s rights and equality. Being transgender has taught Jill firsthand what it is like to be marginalized and the vital importance of treating all people with fairness, decency and compassion. Her perspective and her service as judge will give our community a court system in which they can be confident.

Importance of Candidacy:

  • Jill will be the first openly trans elected official in Illinois state history
  • Jill will be the fourth openly trans elected judge in American history
  • Jill is the first openly trans judicial candidate in Illinois state history

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