Raymond Gregory

Cathedral City Council, District 5


Raymond will be part of a rising number of LGBTQ leaders in Coachella Valley


After serving more than 27 years in the Riverside County (CA) Sheriff’s Department, Raymond Gregory retired in 2017 and is seeking to continue to serve his community in a way that is more local. With his experience in public safety and government, as well as his business education, serving on the Cathedral City Council seems to be the perfect way to give back.

During his tenure with the Sheriff’s Department, Raymond held many ranks and worked a variety of locations and functions, including patrol, jails, as a courtroom deputy, an internal affairs investigator, and the department’s first LGBT Liaison, eventually rising to the rank of Assistant Sheriff before retiring from law enforcement. Raymond holds a Bachelor Degree in Administration and a Master of Arts degree in Management. He is married and his husband works for a local non-profit organization. He has two, grown children, and one grandchild.

Raymond comes to the race as someone with government and business knowledge. Raymond will always put the needs of his community first and foremost, will seek to be the voice for the people where needed, and find balanced compromise where possible. He is progressive on social issues and a staunch defender of individual rights and freedoms, while believing government must be careful with how taxpayer dollars are spent and must help and encourage local business wherever it makes sense to do so. Raymond needs your support for this election and the work beyond.

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