Rebecca Stair

New Mexico State Senate, District 20

Rebecca will be the second openly LGBTQ person elected to the New Mexico State Senate


Rebecca started her career as a high school English teacher in Washington DC. With a strong desire to live in a place that balances arts, tradition and business, she moved to New Mexico and continued teaching. Seeking to grow Albuquerque’s economic opportunities, she enrolled in CNM’s Film 101 program and became an internationally-known film scout and location manager. Over fifteen years, Rebecca has helped build a strong and vibrant film industry in New Mexico. She was elected several times to the board of the New Mexico filmmakers’ union, where she grew the membership and introduced diversity training into a historically white-centric industry, transforming the New Mexican film industry into the most diverse, balanced, and unified in the US.

While scouting, Rebecca also had a unique opportunity to knock on doors of New Mexican homes and strike up conversations. While negotiating over 3,000 contracts with homeowners, small businesses, industries, farms, and ranches Rebecca asked – and listened – what was important to her fellow citizens. People began to tell their stories about family, jobs, and the direction they felt NM was going, and Rebecca listened.

A triathlete, paragliding pilot, reader and meditator, and longtime resident of NM, Rebecca lives in the NE Heights of Albuquerque with her wife of ten years and a shelter dog and cat, where they all relish our foothill trails.

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