Sasha Ritzie-Hernandez

Oakland School Board , District 5

Sasha will be the first out LGBTQ+ person to serve on the Oakland School Board!


Sasha Ritzie-Hernandez, a proud Black-Indigenous queer immigrant and a product of Oakland public schools, comprehends the distinct challenges confronted by our students and families. The mission is unequivocal: establish elevated expectations for student behavior and academic achievements, ensure daily safety against bullying and violence, and enhance diversity through teacher recruitment. In District 5, a resolute leader valuing accountability, transparency, and sincere communication is imperative. Having facilitated numerous families in enrolling and advocating for their children within Oakland schools, Sasha is poised to embark with tangible policies. These policies are geared towards amplifying school resources, advancing reading literacy, and fostering heightened parental engagement. Endorsed by Oakland teachers, the Latino Task Force, East Bay Democratic Socialists of America, and SEIU 1021, Sasha stands apart. Additionally, esteemed endorsements come from OUSD Directors Jennifer Brouhard, Valarie Bachelor, VanCedric Williams, and Council member Kevin Jenkins. For a comprehensive understanding, visit